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Do you know any winery where the partners carry out the entire wine-making process?


– The pruning, the harvest, the manual selection of the grape, the elaboration, the design of the labels …

– Where their wines and vineyards do not receive the punishment of chemicals and pesticides.

– Where they do not follow the guidelines of Denominations of Origin that make their wines lack personality.

– Where one of its partners is World Champion of Tasting in pairs and Champagne ambassador.

– Where they prepare limited editions of 300 bottles mixing different types of wines and grapes.

– Winery that has recovered an original recipe for authentic Vermouth from a 1850 Turin book, and that its vermouths do not contain added sugars, candies, or artificial essences … and that everything is 100% natural


Do we continue … or do you prefer to discover the essence of the authentic on your own?


GEEK WINE, only for the daring